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Terms & conditions

The www.an-agapas.gr e-shop is the product disposal and exposure shop via the internet which belongs to the company “Kelly Lamprou & Friends utd” (from now on called “KLF”) with the distinctive company name “AN AGAPAS” resided in Pallini, Attica, 105 Marathonos Avenue, Tax number: 998028644, Tax Office: Pallini.

Before you browse in our web page and/or enter our e-shop, we invite you to consult the terms & conditions that apply in the case of telephone orders and/or via the KLF e-shop, which are listed below, as well as the section FAQ in our web page www.an-agapas.gr, whose contents constitute a single and integral set with the present TERMS OF USE.

Make sure that you agree with the terms & conditions, as further use and browsing in the www.an-agapas.gr web page implies your explicit and unreserved consensus and consent to those terms.

Intellectual Property Rights and Trademark

The names, pictures, logos and distinctive hallmarks that represent the KLF and/or its e-shop www.an-agapas.gr and/or third parties contracted with “AN AGAPAS”, as well as their products and services, are exclusive trademarks and distinctive hallmarks that exclusively belong to KLF and/or its e-shop www.an-agapas.gr and/or third parties contracted with “AN AGAPAS” and are protected by the Greek, European and International Law for commercial trademarks, industrial and intellectual property. In any case, their appearance and exposure on the www.an-agapas.gr web page and the KLF e-shop shouldn’t by any way be permeated as an assignment or concession of license or right of use, while the users are permitted to browse in this website for personal use only – not commercial use.

Any copying, proportional/ digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transference, downloading, processing, resale, production of work creating or misleading of the public, relevant to the authorized content provider of the website is prohibited. Any reproduction, republication, downloading, announcement, diffusion or transmission or any other use of the content in any other way or by any other means with commercial or other purposes can be permitted only after the KLF’s or the above intellectual property rights legal beneficiaries written authorization.


KLF and/or its e-shop www.an-agapas.gr preserve the right to change or modify the applicable terms and conditions concerning the web page’s use, as those reflected in the present “Terms of Use” and/ or in the web page’s FAQ section at any other time. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions of the terms and conditions of use will be put into effect directly after their notification, which can be provided by any means, including, though not restrictively, the placement of new terms and conditions in the web page. Every use of the web page, carried out after such a change or modification will be regarded as your full acceptance of that change, modification, addition or deletion.

KLF and/or its e-shop www.an-agapas.gr can, at any time, denounce, change, abort or interrupt any of the individual functions of this web page including the availability, photographic presentation or the description of any product or service.

Limitation of Liability

KLF and/or its e-shop www.an-agapas.gr, the company’s stuff or representatives have no liability, under any conditions, to cover any consequent, incidental, collateral, particular compensations or expenses or fines including, though not restrictively, loss of earnings, the company’s shutdown, loss of information or data, loss of clientele, loss or damage of property, and any third party’s claim that may occur by or respecting the copying or presentation of this web page or of its contents or of any other linked web page, regardless whether KLF and/or its e-shop www.an-agapas.gr had been informed, aware or should be aware of that possibility.

Privacy Policy

The management of personal data and the privacy policy towards the visitor/ user of the present website/ web page are subject to the present terms of use, the content of the FAQ section and the relevant provisions provided by the Greek Law (number of law 2472/1997 as modified and in effect).Any potential future legislation will automatically and immediately be applied on the management of personal data and the privacy policy towards the visitor/ user of the present website/ web page. In case a certain visitor/ user does not agree with the present projected privacy policy terms ought not to use the services of the present website.

The present website preserves the personal character of your data, which can’t be notified to third parties, apart from the case it is permitted by the law and only towards the legal authorities. At remaining, you can be relatively informed in the relative paragraph of the www.an-agapas.gr website/ web page’s FAQ section.

Current Law and Jurisdiction

The use of the www.an-agapas.gr website/ web page and the transactions via the KLF e-shop will be governed by the Greek Law, especially the legislations which regulate issues relative to the e-commerce, distant sales and consumers’ protection. The courts of the city of Athens are set exclusively responsible for the resolution of any dispute that may occur from the present Terms of Use and the sales via the www.an-agapas.gr website/ web page.