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Little Bag Of Awesome Handy Tote (CN)

Price of unit: 
  • 6,08 €
  • 4,26 €
  • Discount 30%
Temporarily not available

Product description: 

If you're looking for a multi-purpose tote bag then this little bag from Happy Jackson is just the thing. Perfect for filling with lots of awesome things (especially lunch!), but of course you can use it for whatever you like!

Featuring the bold and colourful style of Happy Jackson, the green and yellow bag has pink handles for easy carrying.

Made from woven synthetic fibres, the bag is sturdy but can be easily folded up to take up hardly any space when it isn't being used. ‘LITTLE BAG OF AWESOME’ is written on the side, making it comical as well as practical!

Dimensions: 24x22,5x10,5mm

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